The TankSure® Program: Proactive Biofuel Oil Tank Replacement in CT

Proactive Tank Replacement Coverage Overview

Our TankSure Program is a standard component of our Value-PLUS Service Plan. This valuable Bioheat storage tank replacement program enables us to evaluate the safety and integrity of your biofuel oil storage tank. This is important for your safety and your investment in your home. At the time of your annual service, our trained HVAC service technicians will use ultrasonic testing technology to evaluate the thickness of your tank.

Heating oil and Bioheat tanks typically corrode from the inside out, so your storage tank may look perfectly fine from the outside but could be wearing dangerously thin. The annual ultrasonic testing process is designed to help replace your Bioheat oil storage tank before it leaks.


The TankSure Program


$1,000 Proactive Tank Replacement Coverage

This valuable new service provides peace of mind coverage for your Bioheat storage tank. Qualifying customers will receive $1,000 toward a new tank when one is needed. In addition, you may be eligible for discounts on your homeowners’ insurance policy.

Contact our office online or give us a call to inquire about or enroll in the TankSure Program today.


Non-Qualifying Bioheat Oil Tanks

It’s important to note that some Bioheat storage tanks may not qualify for proactive replacement. In this case, J&A Waterville Oil Service will still give you a $250 replacement credit to upgrade your biofuel tank. We particularly recommend upgrading all underground storage tanks to aboveground models, which can be visually inspected and cared for more efficiently.