A/C Tune-Ups & Repairs in Connecticut

If you’d like to save more on electricity and help your home be maximized in terms of cool comfort, getting your A/C serviced annually by a professional the way to do it. Our efficiency tune-ups of both ductless and central air conditioning systems help our customers’ Connecticut homes stay cool at an affordable price.


A/C Tune-Ups and Repairs

Our Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Wondering how you can extend the life of your air conditioner and boost its efficiency? Request an A/C tune-up from the qualified HVACR techs at J&A Waterville Oil Service. Our 16-point cooling system tune-up is sure to help you get the cool results you want.

Our A/C tune-ups include:

  1. Check refrigerant charge and measure operating pressures and temperature
  2. Test compressor operating voltage and amperage
  3. Lubricate and check motors
  4. Clean or replace 1” air filters as necessary
  5. Inspect and adjust fan belts
  6. Flush and clean condensate drain
  7. Check electrical connections
  8. Clean and check thermostat
  9. Check controls and safety switches
  10. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  11. Check blower wheel and bearings
  12. Test pressure cutout switches
  13. Inspect crankcase heater
  14. Check condenser blade and motor bearings
  15. Check condenser electrical disconnect switch
  16. Inspect and clean evaporator coil if necessary

Expert Central & Ductless A/C Repairs in CT

Our techs don’t just install and tune central and ductless A/C systems—they repair them too! The J&A team is highly trained to solve a variety of cooling equipment issues and will be happy to help you get your air conditioner back up on its feet. Whether you’re looking for autumn support of your ductless unit and heat pump or mid-summer assistance on your central system, we’re here for you with the expertise and parts you need. Schedule an A/C repair today!


Old Air Conditioner? Consider a High-Efficiency Upgrade

Tuning up and repairing older A/C systems will always help, but sometimes a high-efficiency upgrade is worth the investment. If your HVAC air conditioning system is working too hard, is costing you too much money, or requires expensive A/C refrigerant “charges” and repairs every year, it may be time for an upgrade!

J&A Waterville Oil Service offers air conditioning installation at the best price in the area. When you cool your home with our central or ductless A/C systems, you will enjoy added benefits like total home comfort, improved indoor air quality, and increased value of your home. Take advantage of these perks and schedule your installation today! Call our office at (203) 729-5216!