Bioheat® Fuel Oil Delivery in the Lower Naugatuck Valley Area

At J&A Waterville Oil Service, we firmly believe in doing everything we can to create a cleaner, greener Connecticut for our children and grandchildren. We’ve made a transition over the past few years to delivering only Bioheat fuel oil, the cleanest liquid heating oil available on the market. Whether you call it Bioheat, biofuel, biodiesel fuel oil, or anything else, you can know and trust that you’re getting a clean, green fuel that is blended right here in Connecticut and will run efficiently in your oil equipment. Our next major goal is to reach net-zero carbon emissions, and Bioheat is helping us take steps toward achievement.

If you’d like to request a Bioheat fuel order, you can log into your account and request a delivery, or contact us to enroll in automatic delivery. To learn more about how the fuel is processed and created, keep reading!


Bioheat Heating Oil

What Is Bioheat?

Bioheat, also known as biofuel, is a blend of biofuel and heating oil. Biofuel is made from ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and recycled cooking and agricultural oils. Bioheat is an efficient, clean alternative to traditional #2 fuel oil, and it also reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. This greatly improves the air quality in our community and reduces the carbon footprint we leave behind. Bioheat is good for everybody on so many levels and is a significant step toward carbon-neutral fueling.

Is There Anything to Know about Switching to Bioheat?

There are no modifications you need to make before ordering premium Bioheat fuel oil. No system modifications are necessary; Bioheat runs cleanly in existing oil heat equipment. Plus, it won’t cost you more or change your heating fuel delivery—you can expect the same low prices and dependable oil service you always get with J&A Waterville Oil Service.

Why Should I Start Using Bioheat?

Bioheat is the cleanest fuel oil option available today. By using a biofuel oil blend, you’re supporting a cleaner Connecticut, along with producing more US jobs and reducing our dependency on foreign oil suppliers. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of cleaner-burning fuel that reduces sediment and buildup inside your heating oil furnace or boiler. Cleaner fuel means more efficient operation of your home heating equipment.

Place Your Bioheat Order Today

You can order clean, green Bioheat fuel oil right here on our website today. Or better yet, contact us and request automatic Bioheat delivery. We’ll make sure to fill your tank with this innovative fuel blend so you always have heat when you need it!