About J&A Waterville Oil Service in Naugatuck, Connecticut

Our Company History: Delivering Home Comfort to CT Residents since 1953

Since 1953, we at J&A Waterville Oil Service have provided the best heating fuel value to Naugatuck, CT and the surrounding areas. Today, that means we deliver top-quality biofuel oil, giving you the most heat for every dollar spent. We are proud to serve Connecticut homeowners with expert HVAC service recommendations, equipment installation, and repairs. We have vowed to use the highest ethical standards in our day-to-day office activities and while we are guests in your home. You can count on J&A Waterville Oil Service to provide reliable and dependable biofuel oil delivery, biofuel boiler furnace service, central and ductless air conditioning installation, and more 24/7/365.


Not Your Average Connecticut Fuel Delivery Company

As a full-service heating and A/C company, we invest in your safety and comfort. We are able to respond to a problem with your heating system in the dead of night, the pouring rain, or a wintery blizzard. Our delivery vehicles are tested and inspected regularly and our HVAC service technicians undergo regular training. When you call J&A Waterville Oil Service, a live person answers the phone. When you call a discounter in the middle of the night you may get an answering machine, or worse, no answer at all. Many discounters and COD companies do not provide service, so if you have a service problem, you’re on your own.

We inspect and test your biofuel oil tank, we provide you with an annual tune-up to save on your fuel consumption, and most importantly, we care. Most discounters cannot invest their resources in the services and HVAC technicians that make a difference, particularly when you need them most.


The True Value of J&A Waterville Oil Service

Do not be fooled by a lower price. J&A Waterville Oil Service can work with you to make your home biofuel payments affordable. When you heat your home with J&A Waterville Oil Service, it’s not just the price per gallon that matters, it’s the peace of mind in knowing that no matter what issue arises, you will be taken care of. Many discounters do not offer biofuel oil price protection and, in fact, customers on our budget plan or price cap program frequently pay less than what a discounter charges. Our pricing plans protect our customers so they have one less thing to think about in their busy lives.


Clean, Green Bioheat® Fuel Oil Delivery

Our goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 is supported by our high-efficiency heating equipment and our clean, green, Bioheat fuel oil delivery. Click here to learn more about how Bioheat is taking the heating oil industry by storm and significantly reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.


Our Connecticut Fuel Delivery & HVAC Service Area

We’re proud to serve a variety of towns in the Lower Naugatuck Valley area, including Bethlehem, Terryville, Hamden, Derby, and everywhere in between. For a full list of towns we serve with reliable biofuel oil delivery and HVAC services, check out our Service Area webpage.


Rewarding HVAC and Biofuel Delivery Careers in CT

If you’re looking for a rewarding, flexible, well-paying job with a great company in the Naugatuck region, visit our careers page to see available positions. You can even submit your application for consideration right here online.


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