Reliable Biofuel Oil Delivery in Greater Naugatuck

If you’re looking for reliable, affordable, and clean Biofuel oil deliveries in the lower Naugatuck Valley, J&A Waterville Oil Service is the place to be. We offer our customers the best value in fuel service. Connecticut customers that choose us as their local Biofuel oil supplier can always expect to receive their home heating fuel deliveries on time.

Besides that, J&A is contributing to the Biofuel industry’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions in the next ten years. We deliver only Bioheat® fuel oil and install high-efficiency furnaces and boilers to help provide cleaner air for our children and our community.

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Bioheat Heating Oil

Bioheat Fuel Oil: The Cleanest and Greenest

Here at J&A Waterville Oil Service, we believe in the value of clean fuel. We have committed ourselves to using and delivering biofuel for all of our home heating service and fuel delivery customers because it is a cleaner-burning fuel, resulting in better efficiency for your heating system.

Biofuel reduces our dependency on foreign oil because it’s created locally using byproducts from agricultural processes. It also is cleaner burning, resulting in better efficiency for your home heating oil furnace or boiler. To read more benefits of biofuel, check out our Bioheat web page.



Heating Budget Plans

Affordable Bioheat Oil Budgeting & Price Cap

When you’re a customer of ours, you’ll always get a great value for your heating dollar. Bioheat oil prices may go up or down, but with our budget plan, there’s no need to worry. Winter temperatures can set records, and there’s really no way to predict what weather each year may bring; that’s why we’ve developed a monthly plan that will make managing your annual home heating fuel costs easier.

Budgets are based on annual Bioheat usage with a price-per-gallon estimate and then divided into affordable equal installments. Our budget plan allows you to spread your heating costs over a longer period of time which gives you smaller, more predictable payments. We also offer a price cap program. Contact us for details.



Secure Online Bioheat Oil Bill Pay

Paying your bill is now easier than ever! We offer secure online bill pay options to give you ultimate convenience when it comes to paying your Bioheat oil bill. You can log into your account and make a payment, rather than having to make a phone call or stop by the office. Click here to log into your account and try it out today.


Will-Call Bioheat Oil Delivery

Prefer to manage your own Bioheat oil orders? We offer a will-call option for customers who like to stay on top of their own storage tank levels. If you’d like to request a Bioheat fuel order today, simply log into your account and request a delivery. We’ll be more than happy to work you into the schedule!


Convenient Automatic Bioheat Oil Delivery

Never worry about having to constantly check your Bioheat tank’s fuel gauge again! Our advanced technology will give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to having a full tank of biofuel heating oil. When you sign up for automatic delivery, we’ll monitor your account based on your heating history and degree-day technology. Contact us to sign up and rest easy from here on out.


Prefer to pay in person? We accept cash, checks, and credit cards at our office!